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High Above Decadent Publishing

An Excerpt From: HIGH ABOVE
Copyright © MARI FREEMAN, 2008
All Rights Reserved,Decadent Publishing, Inc.

Crashing waves roared in his ears sending spray into his face. The scent of something exotic tickled his senses. Vaguely familiar, arousing, and not part of his fantasy flight.

Water splashed his face again, destroying his meditative state. Rhone opened his outer eyelids and turned his head to the side. A woman stood with a bucket clutched in her long capable hands. From his angle she looked a little taller than him and her dark hair twisted into a thousand tiny braids pulled together behind her head. Several short twists escaped and framed her face. Her haunting green eyes reminded him of the clearest ocean water. Tiny silver and gold beads pierced the thin cartilage outlining her pointed ears and glinted in the dying firelight.

“I thought maybe I was too late.” She tilted her head and her thin nose wrinkled as she scented him.

Movement behind her back caught his attention. He opened his inner lids and blinked for better focus. His imagination had not been stuck in his flight of fantasy. Wings. Rhone shook his head. Nyx’s sister?


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