I’m an exotic adventurer disguised as a normal suburbanite in central North Carolina. Okay maybe I’m just a dyslexic with a laptop and a wild imagination. I write books. When not writing or working out, my favorite things are cooking, movies, and of course…. reading. I’m a sports nut and I love a good red Zin.

In my previous lives, I’ve held an interesting array of occupations. I did my time in the corporate world as a project manager, I’ve sold cars, worked as a software testing manager, pumped gas at a truck stop, and I worked in a morgue. I hold a degree in Forensic Anthropology from THE Ohio State University. Love my Buckeyes.

My favorite stories include alpha females in love with even more alpha males. I find the clash of passionate, strong willed personalities fascinating. I write Romantica, and a little science fiction/fantasy, and have just finished my first mainstream thriller. Eric Ruben of the Ruben agency represents my brand of crazy.

Here’s a little list that may help you get to know me.

24  (that’s right. I said 24) things about Mari:

•       Functioning Dyslexic

•       Totally afraid of the dentist and thunderstorms

•       The house is overrun by three cats and Oldie Goldie and a giant puppy

•       Loves roller coasters

•       A truck is more comfortable than a sports car

•       Have a degree in Forensic Anthropology

•       First on the travel wish list— Scotland

•       Red wine, rather than white

•       Worked in a morgue as an intern

•       Football junkie

•       Collects shot glasses from all over the world

•       Once enjoyed a $100 shot of tequila

•       Filet, rare – no sauces, if you please

•       Loves all things made from or covered with cherries

•       Has a strange desire to learn to sword fight (Update: now have the Sword)

•       A crack shot

•       Will never willingly have short hair

•       If the high heels aren’t bad enough, there’s the collection of custom made cowboy boots

•       Don’t sing very well, but I sing often.

•       Spent a month camping on the beach in the Virgin Islands and three weeks camping in the Rocky Mountains

•       Completely addicted to quirky pens and pencils

•       Not afraid to be a woman, even in a man’s world

•       Favorite holiday –  Halloween/Samhain

•       The red hair should be taken as a warning

If there’s anything else you’re dying to know, just ask. Unless it puts my meager bank account or my quirky mind at risk, I’ll likely answer.