Dirty Little Freaks

Valkyrie’s Vow, Book Two

Valkyries have just three rules:1. Claim your charge.2. Deliver said charge.3. Make a clean exit.

Such easy rules to follow—and even easier to break.

When Swan dawdles on the job, it leads to a little hot ’n’ heavy fun with two sexy Spartans. And there could be a lot more…if a meddling sibling, a mad Valkyrie, and a few animated corpses don’t ruin the mood.

Inside Scoop: Dirty Little Freaks is for male/male loving ménage fans who like their men built like warriors and their women tough enough to take on two at a time.




AboutToBlowNewAbout to Blow

Valkyrie’s Vow, Book One

For a thousand years, Mist has shepherded battle-slain warriors to their choice of Valhalla or Asgard. It’s the task she was charged with upon her own death, the mission she chose when becoming Valkyrie. Never before has she fallen for one of those warriors. But then, never has she felt emotions like those evoked by Kurt Stone.As an undercover cop, Kurt expected a shortened life. He didn’t expect an afterlife spent jumping from realm to realm, screwing a tattooed hottie who makes his blood boil. He should be choosing his next destination, but he’d rather spend eternity indulging in Mist’s delectable body.The vicious betrayal that led to her
death has made Mist reluctant to trust, let alone love. If Kurt can help her face ancient demons, they both might find their idea of Heaven…together.Reader Advisory: A cute chick at a club shows Mist a very good time on the dance floor. Valkyries are nondiscriminatory that way.




NoRoomForChange No Room For Change

Book two in the Chiwa Talisman Series

When magic is attracted to magic, it’s impossible to ignore…

Sonja Ambercroft’s homebody existence is about to change. Drastically. A Dreamstalker has kidnapped her cousin in exchange for a powerful talisman, and Sonja soon finds herself doing things she’d never imagined. Stealing the talisman from her sister? Check. Grappling with Gremlins? Check. Enjoying ridiculously hot visions about a scruffy, sexy mountain man doing untold things to her naked body? Che—

Wait…what? As if she needs that kind of distraction right now! Especially when the stranger’s magic stirs her inner Dragon. Not good. A childhood tragedy has made shifting too dangerous. Sonja can’t risk letting her Dragon loose, but as the erotic visions transform into real-life fantasies, the beast becomes harder to contain.




Change For Me

Book one in the Chiwa Talisman Series

Nell Ambercroft hasn’t done anything wrong. Lately. So why is someone trying to kill her? When a horde of moths lead her to a puzzle box in her basement, the Demon Hafling knows she’s found a clue. The box has some serious mojo working, powerful enough to kill for…and Nell’s at the top of the hit list.

Enter Werewolf Trent Nicholas. As Prime for the area, it’s Trent’s job to protect Nell and investigate the crime. Nell knows he’d rather investigate her body, which is fine by her; she’s loved the man for years. While the sex is sizzling, Trent continues to go cold every time he leaves the warmth of her body.

Trent’s always wanted the spunky half-Demon, but the men in his family have a nasty habit of murdering their mates. He refuses to give in to his wolf’s need to claim Nell. If he doesn’t, she might not have to worry about a killer on the loose. She could die by Trent’s hand first




Love Doctor 

Love Doctor is a stand-alone sequel to Beware of the Cowboy.

Just call Becky Cooper the Love Doctor. Everyone else does. What else would you call a woman who dates men, fixes their relationship issues then sends them off to find love and marriage? Her stellar record is nine for ten. Well, technically ten for ten…the tenth is in a relationship not yet recognized by the state of Texas. As far as Becky’s concerned, she’s providing a much-needed, super-fun service.

She’s up for more fun and games during a business trip to New York, where she lets a sexy stranger control the remote to her vibrator. What follows is a night of heat to rival the Texas sun. Then she learns Craig, her nightlong stud, is actually E.C. Hill—attorney for the festival her company is hosting. Craig’s reputation as a workaholic precedes him. He’s precisely the sort of man in need of her services. It’s Love Doctor to the rescue!

Craig, however, is less in need of therapy than Becky suspects…and has his own brand of medicine for the Love Doctor





A seemingly random attack by mysterious creatures in long cloaks forces Mary Hughes to face the shock of her life-she isn’t human. Well…not just human. With Witch and Demon blood running through her veins, she is Keena, Priestess of the Wild. As her magic emerges, Keena is thrust headlong into the world of the Kith, a world that includes a Gnome stylist, a cat guardian and a kitchen Imp for a best friend.

Oh and then there’s her destiny-an ancient battle of birthright with an evil half-twin she didn’t even know she had. As she fumbles with potions and spells and unwittingly stumbles into one foible after another, Keena’s also fighting her all-consuming lust for a hot Vamp Lord as well as the Kith’s half-Demon head of security. And managing her body’s newfound urges isn’t her only battle. Danger is everywhere and enemies are mounting. Certain Kith would love nothing more than to destroy the human race-and it’s up to Keena to stop them. If she can stay alive long enough…




High Above

Left over from an annihilated civilization some ten generations ago. A few Crossbreeds, humans born with dragon-like characteristics, now lead opposing tribes who still battle for dwindling resources.Rhone’s wings have been stripped from his body, his family killed, and his hopes of leading the Mountain people away from the constant threat of marauders destroyed.

Ketta’s life has been full of pain and anguish. Her brother rules her and the Lax tribe with a bloody fist. Tired of the violence, Ketta takes a stand and rescues Rhone from the brink of execution.Armed with knowledge from Ketta’s somewhat addled grandfather, the unlikely pair embarks on a quest to heal Rhone’s wings. Along the way, the couple struggles to find the truth beneath hatred and lies. Desire and a mutual enemy bring them together; mistrust and secrets tear them apart. These lifelong foes will have to fly high above their differences to defeat a deadly dragon and save what’s left of both their tribes.



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